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  • 3 M.-K. Jeong, S.-M. Joe, B.-S. Jo, H.-J. Kang, J.-H. Bae, K.-R. Han, E. Choi, G. Cho, S.-K. Park, B.-G. Park, and J.-H Lee "Characterization of traps in 3-D stacked NAND flash memory devices with tube-type poly-Si channel structure" 2012 International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), 2012-12
  • 2 J.-H. Bae, C.-H. Kim, and J.-H. Lee "Characterization of floating-base bipolar junction transistor as a 2-terminal select device for cross-point memory devices" The 19th Korean Conference on Semiconductors (KCS), 2012-02
  • 1 S.-M. Joe, M.-K. Jeong, M.-S. Lee, B.-S. Jo, J.-H. Bae, S.-K. Park, K.-R. Han, J.-H. Yi, G.-S. Cho, and J.-H. Lee "Extraction of 3-D trap position in NAND flash memory considering channel resistance of pass cells and bit-line interference" 2011 Symposium on VLSI Technology (VLSIT), 2011-06